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Good Doctor Supports Health Education About Universal Healthcare Coverage to more than 13 Million Users Through Existing Partnership with BPJS Kesehatan

November 23, 2021 | Muhammad
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In commemoration of National Health Day, Good Doctor acknowledges the importance of increasing the access of digital healthcare services to meet the growing health needs of Indonesians.

– Indonesia’s National Health Day marks an important milestone in realizing the digital transformation of the healthcare sector, which is the foundation of the partnership between Good Doctor and BPJS Kesehatan.

– Good Doctor app users will benefit from the convenience of getting information related to BPJS Kesehatan’s JKN-KIS Program services through the app as well as access to more than 6,000 doctors with 26 medical specialties, health facilities services, and health e-commerce.

– Now approaching 2 years since its launch in Indonesia, Good Doctor Technology Indonesia has a combined user base of more than 13 million users across both Good Doctor app and GrabHealth powered by Good Doctor platform, with a health service network spread across more than 100 cities throughout Indonesia. 

JAKARTA, November 17, 2021 – National Health Day, which falls in November, saw a new breakthrough in the digital transformation of Indonesia’s healthcare sector with a collaboration between Good Doctor Technology Indonesia (Good Doctor) and BJPS Kesehatan. Through this collaboration, the public, especially participants of the JKN-KIS program, will have access to information, education, and the JKN-KIS program through the Good Doctor app. The information and education now accessible cover administration, registration, rights and responsibilities, procedures, and services at health facilities.

This collaboration is part of BPJS Kesehatan’s efforts to continue improving its JKN-KIS services, partly through collaboration with healthcare service providers. To date, 226 million Indonesians are covered by the JKN-KIS program (84% of the total population) and it is hoped that with effective digital transformation, most of the program participants can access information and services easily through digital healthcare apps such as Good Doctor.

As part of its ambition to provide “one doctor for every family in Indonesia,” Good Doctor’s active app users in Indonesia number more than 13 million, with services covering more than 100 cities throughout the country. This broad coverage was built in less than two years since the Good Doctor app was launched, and it has now partnered with more than 4,000 hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and health laboratories. In addition to providing direct healthcare services to its users, Good Doctor also builds collaborations with like-minded institutions, including BPJS Kesehatan, to strengthen efforts to realize the digital transformation of the Indonesian healthcare sector. Good Doctor believes that healthcare services supported by technology will create wider and easier access for the community.

Managing Director of Good Doctor Technology Indonesia Danu Wicaksana said: “We hope that our partnership with BPJS Kesehatan will help to increase the access of JKN-KIS program participants to information and services through our app. It will also help increase public understanding and awareness about healthcare through trusted and credible sources that are curated by our medical team. Starting with this collaboration, we will continue to develop health solutions that suit the needs of JKN-KIS program participants and all Indonesians.”

Good Doctor brings easier access, convenience, speed, and efficient delivery while cutting through the geographical and demographical barriers faced by traditional healthcare services. The app provides various solutions in the healthcare area, connecting patients to trusted and credible doctors with easier and faster referrals and appointment booking. The app can also help users link to their insurance policies for faster access and also provides an e-commerce platform for health and fitness products.

Furthermore, Good Doctor presents various health content curated by a team of professionals. Providing credible and trusted information through its application is a part of Good Doctor’s efforts to improve the healthcare literacy in Indonesia, especially regarding Universal Healthcare Coverage to ensure that all Indonesians have access to quality health services anytime and anywhere. Good Doctor carries this ambition in line with the National Health Day, to help achieve a healthier and more prosperous Indonesia. 

Director of Expansion and Services for BPJS Kesehatan Membership David Bangun said: “The MoU signing between BPJS Kesehatan and Good Doctor in early November is a starting point for us to develop the best healthcare services for the community. Utilizing digital technology that has penetrated all sectors combined with the expertise of Good Doctor, which already has broad experience in this area, we aim to develop technology-based solutions for Indonesians in line with the JKN’s concept. We hope that this collaboration continues to grow and that together we can improve healthcare services for all Indonesians.”

As a government partner, Good Doctor also plays a role in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. It was appointed as the government’s telemedicine partner to provide services for COVID patients who are in self-isolation. Good Doctor has also launched an in-app COVID-19 Care Center as part of the #LawanPandemi initiative supports the national vaccination program through screening and online registration through the app. Good Doctor’s active role in the #LawanPandemi effort is evident in the 700% increase in medical consultations related to COVID-19 and the growth in active users by six times when the transmission rate of COVID-19 was high.

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PT. Good Doctor Technology Indonesia (Good Doctor) is an integrated technology-based health services provider with a vision ‘One Doctor to Every Family in Indonesia’. Good Doctor collaborated with Grab to provide an integrated online health service called GrabHealth powered by Good Doctor with a mission to provide access to quality health services for its users in Indonesia. With more than 6,000 listed doctors, and 4,000 trusted official pharmacies, hospitals, and lab partners spread across more than 100 cities in Indonesia, Good Doctor is ready to fulfill public health needs. Good Doctor is an official partner of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), and the Ministry of Communications and Information, in an effort to accelerate the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia since March 2020. After successfully partnering with Grab Indonesia in presenting health service solutions, Good Doctor launched its stand-alone app in March 2021 as a continued commitment to advancing app-based health services and building a digital ecosystem in the health sector. Good Doctor’s service provides a complete 24/7 healthcare solution through the Medical Consultation feature, Medicine and Health Products’ e-commerce service for purchases and delivery partners with more than 4,000 trusted official pharmacies, hospital, and lab partners and we also provide Health Articles with the content about health, tips, and lifestyle curated by a team of doctors. As a leading online healthcare provider platform, Good Doctor has thousands of medical specialists on the platform from more than 26 different departments of clinical specialties and thousands of general practitioners.Good Doctor has also launched the Good Doctor app, which can be downloaded for free on the Google PlayStore and iOS App Store. Website:

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