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MNC Life Launches Teleconsultation Service in Collaboration with AdMedika and Good Doctor

October 26, 2021 | Dewi Nurfitriyana
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Jakarta, October 18, 2021 – Coinciding with National Insurance Day, PT MNC Life Assurance or MNC Life as a business unit of PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk. which is under the auspices of the MNC Group launched a Teleconsulting Service in collaboration with AdMedika and Good Doctor to improve access to health services and free of charge for customers.

This is in line with the tagline, namely Trusted, Fast, Owned by the Nation MNC Life in order to build trust as insurance that becomes a partner for customers in providing protection and services that are always innovating.

The launch event was attended by Susanty Sanusi as Deputy President Director of PT MNC Investama Tbk., Samuel Mulyono as Director of PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk., President Commissioner of MNC Life Wito Mailoa and the ranks of Independent Commissioners and Febriyani Sjofjan Yahya as Director of MNC Life and the Board of Directors. Also attended by Dwi Sulistiani as CEO of AdMedika and his staff and Danu Wicaksana as Managing Director of Good Doctor and his staff.

Febriyani Sjofjan Yahya said “Pandemics like the current one, make people tend to choose a safe way to get health services without worrying about the risk of transmitting COVID-19 when in hospital. Seeing conditions like this, MNC Life innovates in collaboration with AdMedika and Good Doctor through teleconsultation services, especially for MNC Customers who join MNC Sehat products.”

AdMedika CEO Dwi Sulistiani added, “AdMedika as a Total Health Solutions company is always ready to assist MNC Life in moving towards digital. Today we are realizing this by launching a Teleconsultation service for MNC Life participants with AdMedika and Good Doctor Indonesia. provide a digital experience as well as a sense of convenience for MNC Life participants who are the greatest in MNC Sehat in accessing health services””

Danu Wicaksana, Managing Director of Good Doctor Technology Indonesia said, “Good Doctor is proud to be able to provide teleconsultation and drug redemption services for MNC Life customers, where customers can access our services with general practitioners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and also with our specialist doctors from 26 different departments.” Danu added, “The teleconsultation and drug redemption services from Good Doctor are expected to provide more comfort and security for MNC Life customers, especially during the pandemic and towards this new normal.”

With the launch of this digital-based health service, it is a manifestation of the spirit that whatever the conditions, we believe we can maintain health and are expected to increase the customer experience in insurance with MNC Life. In the future, MNC Life will continue to innovate by utilizing digital technology, as well as optimizing technology. others to improve services for customers, as well as meet the needs of more protection for the community.