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Good Doctor Support Semarang City Government in Improving The Health Status of It’s People through Access to Digital Health

August 9, 2022 | Santi Andriani
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As the first telemedicine provider collaborating with Semarang City Government, Good Doctor supports the city government in improving the health status of its people through access to digital health.

Jakarta, 8 August 2022 – The Semarang City Government realizes the benefits of digital health innovation can support the improvement in the overall management of the health status of its people. Therefore, the city government frequently launches new initiatives to explore possibilities to collaborate with the private sector to provide smart health services such as telemedicine for the people of Semarang City. As the first telemedicine provider collaborating with Semarang City Government for the digital health access, PT Good Doctor Technology Indonesia (Good Doctor) has made a joint agreement with the Semarang City Government. The Joint Agreement between Good Doctor and the Semarang City Government on increasing literacy and access to digital health services for the people of Semarang City was signed by both parties.

The purpose of this collaboration is to assist the Semarang City Government's work program in the health sector, assist the Semarang City Government in implementing health education programs for the community to improve Semarang City's public health literacy, and expand access to equitable health services through digital health applications that aim to improve health of Semarang City people. To achieve the goal of this collaboration, Good Doctor will facilitate online seminars or use social media to deliver communication, information, and health education materials to the people of Semarang City.

In the signing ceremony, the Mayor of Semarang, Hendrar Prihadi, said, “We really appreciate the initiative taken by Good Doctor to help the Semarang City Government work program in the health sector. With Good Doctor's experience in providing telemedicine services including health education to the public, we believe this collaboration can improve health literacy as well as the health quality of the people of Semarang City.”

In the same event, Danu Wicaksana, Managing Director at PT Good Doctor Technology Indonesia said, “We are proud to be able to support the Semarang City Government in an effort to improve the health status of the people of Semarang City so that all people in this city can live healthily. We really appreciate the trust given by the Semarang City Government by ensuring the security of the services we provide, including the security of user data. This is in accordance with the internationally recognised ISO 27001 certification that we have recently obtained.”

Quoted from the Semarang City Health Profile in 2020, the government through the health program hopes that all people can live healthy lives. The indicator of success in improving the quality of life is the achievement of adequate public health degrees. These efforts must be supported by the availability of adequate facilities and infrastructure, cheap health costs and can be reached by all levels of society, especially the poor, so that the community gets the benefits evenly and on target.

Since the Semarang City Government declared Semarang City as a Healthy City in 2014, this city has won awards in the health sector at the national level. The Swasti Saba Award for Healthy City Districts, which is held every two years by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Home Affairs, was received by Semarang City in 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2021, consecutively.

The results does not make the Semarang City Government complacent. The government wants all levels of society to benefit from the health development carried out by them. There are still residents who experience health complaints, but feel that they do not need outpatient treatment or choose not to go for outpatient treatment. Quoted from the Semarang City Health Profile in 2020, the reason people choose not to seek outpatient treatment is that the waiting time for services is long and there is no one to accompany them.

Another obstacle is the ratio of doctors and population which is not yet ideal. According to WHO, the ratio of doctors to population is 1:1,000. However, based on data from the Central Java Statistics Agency in 2021, the number of doctors (including specialist doctors) in Semarang City is 791 while the population of Semarang City based on the Semarang City Population and Civil Registration Service in 2021 is 1,687,222 people. That means the ratio is around 1:2,133.

With a mutual agreement signed by the Semarang City Government and Good Doctor, such obstacles can be overcome. Telemedicine is a health service that can overcome obstacles in the form of geographical factors, costs, and time with good results. With the teleconsultation service provided by Good Doctor, the people of Semarang City do not have to wait in long queues to obtain health services and services can be obtained wherever the most convenient place for the community.

Prior to the signing of this collective agreement, Good Doctor had collaborated with the Semarang City Government in the Gotong Royong Vaccination Program in October last year. Now with the signing of this collaboration, Good Doctor will organize a program to increase literacy and access to digital health services for the people of Semarang City.

The Semarang City Government recognises that the future of all industries will involve technology and advocates for wide-spread nationwide adoption of technologies. This is manifested through the Smart City concept that they launched which also pay focus in the health sector. According to Ookla's Speedtest Global Index Market Analysis report for Indonesia in Q3 2021, Semarang is included in the 10 most populous cities with the fastest mobile and fixed mean broadband speeds. These results are based on data from all providers combined in the country. Thus, the collaboration initiated by Good Doctor also supports the realization of Semarang City as a Smart City.

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About Semarang City Government

Semarang is the Capital of the Province of Central Java, Indonesia. Currently, Semarang is led by Mayor Dr. Hendrar Prihadi, S.E, M.M. and Deputy Mayor Ir. Hj. Hevearita Gunaryanti Rahayu, M.Sos. The Semarang City Government has a vision to make Semarang a great trade and service city towards a more prosperous society, while its missions are: (1) realizing a cultured and quality community life, (2) realizing an increasingly reliable government to improve public services, (3) create a dynamic and environmentally friendly metropolitan city, (4) strengthening the people'seconomy based on local excellence and building a conducive business climate.

Inside the symbol of the city of Semarang there is a two-part shield, a young monument, a 5-point star, pointed bamboo, temple hills, water and fort walls, rice and cotton, and fish. The shield symbolizes the defense and strength of the personality of the people of Semarang City. The young monument reflects the patriotism of the citizens of Semarang City against the Japanese troops in the "Five Days Battle" (“Pertempuran Lima Hari”). Rice and cotton symbolize cheap clothing and food, especially in the future. The temple hill symbolizes that apart from the lowlands, Semarang also has a highland (upper city). The water and the walls of the fort symbolize the Port of Semarang. Fish symbolizes Semarang which always has a lot of fish since a long time ago.

The area of Semarang City is 37,366,836 Ha which consists of 16 sub-districts and 117 urban villages. As a metropolitan city and the capital city of Central Java Province, Semarang has very adequate facilities, such as ports, educational facilities, health facilities, shopping facilities, and a business district.