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Comprehensive Health Protection with Digital Ecosystem

  • Doctor Consultation
  • Product Shopping
  • Health Benefits
  • AXA Good Health Insurance

Comprehensive Health Protection with Digital Ecosystem

  • Doctor Consultation
  • Product Shopping
  • Health Benefits
  • AXA Good Health Insurance


Experience the convenience of a ‘personal doctor’ right in your home, with access to both General Practitioners (GPs) and Specialist Doctors across 26 varied departments. Available 24/7, our on-demand consultations connect you with highly qualified medical professionals ready to assist with any medical or wellness concerns you may have.

You can chat with your personal doctor, available 24 hours!

Morning or midnight, you can get health answers through health consultations from selected General Practitioners and Specialists.

General Practitioners/ Specialist

Choose from an extensive network of over 4,000+ doctors, including both GPs and specialists, to find the perfect match for your healthcare needs.

Health Store

Embark on a holistic wellness journey with our health store, seamlessly integrated into the realm of telemedicine. This innovative ecommerce platform offers a diverse range of health products, carefully curated to complement your well-being. From supplements and fitness gear to personalized healthcare essentials, our health store serves as an extension of your telemedicine experience. Imagine the convenience of exploring and purchasing health products directly within the telemedicine platform, tailored to your individual needs.

This amalgamation of telemedicine and ecommerce not only simplifies the procurement of health essentials but also empowers everyone to take proactive steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

You can order medicine and have it delivered straight away!

Order medicine, redeem doctor’s prescriptions, and shop for other official health products delivered directly to your door.

Booking Appointments


Elevate your health with our personalized vaccination service, seamlessly accessible through our telemedicine application. In collaboration with trusted hospital and clinic partners, this innovative feature allows individuals to conveniently book personalized vaccination appointments tailored to their specific needs.

Schedule Your Vaccination Effortlessly Through Your Phone!

Looking for a convenient vaccination near your home on your preferred date? Simply access Good Doctor to arrange it.

Medical Checkup

Experience the future of healthcare with our personalized medical check-up service, accessible directly from our telemedicine application in collaboration with esteemed hospital and clinic partners.

Now, individuals can effortlessly book comprehensive medical check-ups tailored to their specific needs through a user-friendly interface. What sets this service apart is the added convenience of our doctors, who not only assist in arranging the check-up but also offer guidance in interpreting the results. This collaborative approach ensures that users not only receive thorough health assessments but also benefit from professional insights to better understand and manage their well-being.

Take charge of your health journey with our innovative telemedicine platform, where booking and understanding your medical check-up results have never been more straightforward.

Schedule Your Medical Check-Up Right from Your Phone with Just a Few Taps!

Easily manage your health with our telemedicine platform, simplifying both booking and understanding of medical check-ups.

Physical Appointment

Now, individuals can easily schedule in-person appointments tailored to their specific health needs with just a few taps on their devices. This collaborative effort ensures a smooth transition from virtual consultations to physical visits, enhancing the continuity of care. Whether it’s a routine check-up, specialized examination, or follow-up appointment, our user-friendly platform empowers individuals to take control of their health journey. 

You can make medical appointments without queuing!

Want to make an appointment with the doctor of your choice at the hospital now it’s really easy. Just click, click, and click!

Personal Health Insurance

Working together with AXA, Good Doctor has co-designed Indonesia’s first digital-based Comprehensive health insurance product, combining online and offline medical services at less than half the cost of traditional plans.

Can Claim Your Insurance Benefits!

Enjoy the various benefits of your health insurance by becoming a partner with Good Doctor.

Your New Way of Healthy Living!

Download the new Good Doctor application now and easily access health services anytime, anywhere.

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