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Getting Started

Begin by downloading our Good Doctor app. It’s a quick process where you’ll need your phone number, and if you’re using GrabHealth, they’ll sync up automatically!

Change your personal data by clicking Edit on your Profile Page in the top right corner of the screen.

Easily link your insurance in our app under the Insurance and Company Benefits section. Just follow the on-screen instructions to connect and enjoy your benefits. Click here for a How To Guide for linking insurance inside the app or follow these easy steps:
  • Open the Good Doctor application. Click on Corporate User.
  • Register your mobile phone number and check the boxes in the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, then click Next.
  • Enter the OTP (One-Time Password) sent via WhatsApp/SMS, then click Submit.
  • Next, click on Link Insurance.
  • Enter your insurance card number and complete all the required information, then click Next.
  • Congratulations! Your insurance has been successfully linked.
You can now start your consultation by clicking Continue to Homepage.

Using Our Services

A consultation with a doctor is an online health consultation service. This service makes it easy for you to ask doctors about disease, health, medicine and the medical world. You can choose how to communicate with the doctor with the doctor’s personal chat feature. In each doctor’s profile you can see the doctor’s experience, specialization, and more details. Doctors registered with Good Doctor are selected doctors who have been medically certified to practice medicine in Indonesia.

Tap on “Consultation” and choose your GP (General Practitioner) or specialist. It’s like having a doctor in your pocket, ready whenever you need advice but remember, it’s not for emergencies.

You can view each doctor’s profile when you want to schedule a consultation with them in the application. Here’s how:

  • Open Good Doctor App, Select Chat with GP for a General Practitioner or Choose Specialist for a Specialist Doctor, or choose “Consultation” in the bottom menu
  • Please choose the specialist doctor you would like to consult.
  • You can choose a doctor available in the respective specialist category.
  • You can view the doctor’s profile and reviews by clicking on the doctor’s profile picture.

The Good Doctor app will automatically direct you to buy medicine at the nearest pharmacy to your location. You don’t need to worry about choosing a pharmacy in a further location.

Click “Chat Now” with any other doctor’s profile. To consult with another doctor, please complete your current consultation first. Check the list of available doctors by clicking on ‘Consult’ and then click ‘Chat Now’ on any doctor’s profile.

No. We’re sorry, but all Good Doctor consults are conducted in a one-on-one environment with our team of Telehealth specialists. If your case requires a consultation with another doctor, simply select another doctor from the list or ask for an offline referral.

If you want to review your conversations during consultations, all consultation histories with your doctor will be automatically saved in the Activity menu.

Yes you can! The Good doctor app supports multiple profiles so you can keep your medical history secure at all times. Add your spouse, children or even friends. Remember, you will need to link their insurance separately if you want to pay using their benefits.

You can add additional profiles by following these steps:

  • Click on your Profile page in the bottom right corner.
  • Then click on Add New Profile.
  • Fill in and complete the personal information for the profile you want to add.
  • If the data is correct and complete, click Save.

All Good Doctor consults are conducted on our app by our team of telehealth specialists. If you or your doctor feel that an offline consultation is required, we can help to refer you to our panel of 4,000+ hospitals, clinics and labs across Indonesia.

Currently, we do not provide doctor consultation services via video call. Our chat-based consults allow you to share photos and images to help our Telehealth experts make a diagnosis. If you or the doctor feel that you need a physical consultation, we can help you to book an appointment at one of our many 4,000+ hospitals, clinics and labs across Indonesia.

No. Unfortunately, at this time you cannot use the Good Doctor outside of Indonesia due to regulatory restrictions although this may change in the future. Stay tuned.

Referral letter for Offline Medical Treatment

If necessary, the doctor will provide medical advice to undergo laboratory tests and/or consult with an offline specialist during the consultation.

Afterward, you will be given instructions regarding offline booking or the lab tests. Our team will assist you through WhatsApp chat during the booking process.

Make a Medical Appointment

Making an appointment with a doctor is a service for making consultation appointments with doctors at hospitals registered with Good Doctor. This service aims to make it easier and save patients time in making consultation appointments without having to come to the hospital. By using the Doctor’s Appointment service, patients can go directly to the administration section of the designated polyclinic when they arrive at the hospital.

  • Open the Grab application and select the Grab Health menu.
  • Select the Make a Medical Appointment menu
  • Select Hospital or Clinic
  • Choose a polyclinic according to the disease you are complaining about
  • Choose the doctor according to your wishes
  • Select the doctor’s schedule, time & hours according to what is stated in the application
  • Enter the data listed such as the patient’s name, cell phone number, email address and KTP number
  • Click Continue
  • Standby for confirmation from Good Doctor regarding the appointment that has been made
  • You will also get an SMS or WhatsApp details of the appointment with the doctor which has been confirmed by the hospital.

Users simply wait for SMS/WhatsApp confirmation which will be sent on the D-day by the Good Doctor team.

When making an appointment, you can add family members whose consultation you want to make with a doctor at a hospital registered with Good Doctor.

After you have made an appointment, the Good Doctor team will confirm it on the registered number.

You can still make an appointment with a doctor even if you already have a previous medical record number.

Our network of healthcare facilities accept all major payment methods including:

  • Cash
  • Covered by the Company
  • Covered by Insurance
  • BPJS (Depends on the Hospital that has received BPJS)


Did your doctor give you a prescription? Redeem it directly through our Health Mall, and browse through an array of health, beauty, and wellness products. It’s like a pharmacy at your fingertips.

After your Good Doctor consultation ends you have 24 hours to redeem your prescription.

No. We are sorry, but for now, you cannot add other products after placing an order.

Yes. You can purchase medicine on the Health Mall with a doctor’s prescription obtained from the hospital by directly searching for the name of the medicine on the prescription in the Search column. Please note that if the medicine you want to buy is prescription-only, you will be asked to upload the prescription before making the purchase.

You can check the delivery status of your order by accessing the Activity menu at the bottom of the homepage, then click on the Health Mall tab to view all purchase and order delivery statuses.

Yes. You can cancel an order as long as the pharmacy has not confirmed an order. However, you cannot add other products after placing an order.

Yes, you can request an E-receipt via the Good Doctor call center at 021-5099-6900. or you can send whatsapp at +62812-88900-199 and email to

The Health Mall can be accessed either in Good Doctor or GrabHealth by accessing the Health Mall menu at the bottom. After accessing Health Mall, you can search for medicine or other health products based on the product name or symptoms. Once you find the product you want to buy, click Add to Cart and set the quantity you want to purchase. You can proceed to buy the product by selecting the payment method or adding other products either in the same health store or in different stores.

Payment and Insurance

No. Sorry, the cash payment method (COD) is not yet available for medicine delivery services.

If your employer or insurer is a Good Doctor partner, many of your consults and prescriptions will be completely cashless and simply deducted from your benefits.

You can also pay directly for services on the Good Doctor app or GrabHealth. We accept all major payment methods including: :

OVO, Virtual Account Transfer, bank transfer credit card. Simple and secure.

If you want to request a refund, please submit your request to, WhatsApp +62812-8890-0199, or contact Good Doctor customer service at 021-5099-6900, mentioning the details of your Consultation ID/Order ID, your full name, and the issues you are facing. The refund process takes a maximum of 7 working days (excluding holidays and Saturdays/Sundays) after we receive your complaint. For credit card payments, the refund process may take longer, up to 14 working days, depending on your credit card issuer’s policy.

You can consult and redeem medication with expenses covered by your insurance, you can Click Here for the instructions or follow these steps:

  • Open Good Doctor App, Select Chat with GP for a General Practitioner or Choose Specialist for a Specialist Doctor.
  • Please choose the specialist doctor you would like to consult.
  • You can choose a doctor available in the respective specialist category.
  • You can view the doctor’s profile and reviews. Please click Select Doctor to proceed.
  • Choose Myself for self-consultation or Someone Else for consulting on behalf of someone else. Proceed by selecting the Benefit category and click Use.
  • Select the insurance benefit you want to use, then click Confirm.
  • To determine if your insurance can be used according to the benefits it offers, click on Check Eligibility.
  • After the insurance is confirmed, to proceed with the consultation, click Continue to Consultation.
  • Make sure the delivery address for the medication is correct, then communicate your symptoms and health concerns.
  • Share your health concerns with the doctor. If needed, you can also attach photos. Once the consultation is complete, click End Chat.
  • If you receive a prescription, proceed by clicking Check Out.

Please provide a rating based on your experience during the consultation, then click Submit Feedback. Thank you for rating the doctor. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Data Privacy

We take the privacy of your data very seriously, and in accordance with our Privacy Policy, only your selected doctor(s) and you can view your personal health information, for the avoidance of doubt, the personal health information we collect is information related to your health and is not considered medical records, as regulated in our Privacy Policy. All procedures and security protocols are aligned to consumer and patient data protection regulations enforced by the Indonesian Government.

Support and Assistance

Our friendly support team is just a call or message away. Whether it’s a login issue or just a question, we’re here to help you navigate your health journey. If you have questions or technical issues, you can contact the Good Doctor call center at 021-5099-6900. Alternatively, you can send a WhatsApp message to and an email to

Delivery Services

Currently, medicine & health product delivery at Good Doctor is supported by instant delivery through Grab Express, which can deliver your order within 1 hour. We ensure your orders are safely and swiftly delivered to your doorstep.

For more information on Grab Express package delivery calculation please visit the Grab Express delivery rate FAQ page here.

Yes. Your medication order is covered by insurance.

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